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Ashton Design was founded in 1985. While the firm remains small, recognition has grown steadily. Today, organizations large and small throughout the mid-Atlantic region and across the country seek out our graphic design expertise.

In recent years, the trend among design studios has been toward specialization. Continuously broadening our horizons, we have chosen another path. Whether we are commissioned to create a new graphic identity or logo, a corporate annual report or brochure, college admissions and development publications, a website, environmental graphics for major league sports facilities, even prototypes for public sculpture, we apply the same basic principles: bring together a close-knit team of highly creative minds in a collaborative environment, strive for good taste always, and solve the communications challenge with élan, grace, and purpose.

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David Ashton
Jenny Hoffman
Owner Creative Director | Print & Exhibits
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Alexey Ikonomou
Collaborating Designers
Creative Director | EGD & Web Keith Kellner
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Design Team
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Max Heimberger  
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