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Adero Partners

WeFirst, Inc., 2022

Adero Partners carved out a niche for itself in the exclusive world of wealth management by creating an inclusive environment for its clients. Adero’s name, inspired by the Latin word for “I will be there,” reflects its unwavering commitment to helping clients realize their financial goals.

Ashton collaborated closely with Adero to build a visual identity that embodies this central tenet. From the logo through to the website’s motion graphics, Ashton worked in lockstep with the Adero team to create a brand that felt like them: inviting, interesting, and sharp.

Identity / Communications
Logo & Mark
Motion Graphics


The new logo’s interlocking shapes, an abstraction of a lowercase “a” and an uppercase “p,” reflect the strong connection Adero builds with its clients, while the jewel-toned color palette adds sophistication. Together, they mirror the company’s signature mix of high-end accessibility.


Printed collateral, including business cards, stationery, and a brochure, look and feel energizing thanks to pops of orange and yellow against the deep emerald—colors that are a welcomed departure from the typical reds and blues of the finance industry.

The website takes Adero’s brand engagement one step further by introducing micro-interactions on each page. These motion graphics invite the user to connect with Adero, subtly reinforcing the company’s responsive approach to its clients.


True to their people-focused philosophy, Adero is also known for celebrating the real people who drive their business. This is reflected in the site, which includes individual photos of each team member and showcases give-back efforts in their communities. These features offer a warm, welcomed balance to the detailed infographics and other data-driven elements.