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AIA Baltimore & BAF

AIA Baltimore
& Baltimore Architecture Foundation


Founded in 1871 and 1987, respectively, the AIA Baltimore chapter and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation serve as the two leading voices of the architecture profession in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Together and individually, they celebrate design and the built environment with education, advocacy, and a shared value system hinged upon community and knowledge.

We were fortunate to partner with both the AIA and the BAF to design and build a completely brand new website on their collective behalf. Our challenge was to craft an experience that would not only unify the content, integrity, and history of these two established institutions, but also generate interest and provide information on the forthcoming Center for Architecture & Design. The result was a three-pronged website that honored each brand concisely and coherently with simplified content blocks, legible typography, and consistent visual language.

Site Architecture
UI / UX Design
Web Development



The site is split across three sections — one for each institution — and is built upon a consistent, underlying grid and site architecture, in order to provide a seamless and accessible online experience for visitors.


Color and typography from each institution’s branding are featured on their respective sections, indicating a clear signal to users where they are on the site at all times.


A robust, shared Programs & Events calendar was created for the site, providing clear and legible information through a balanced typographic and structural hierarchy. 


Highly successful and well-received amongst staff and collaborators alike, the new site represents an exciting and dynamic path forward for the architecture and design industries in Baltimore.