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Baltimore Design School

Baltimore Design School

Baltimore City Public Schools, 2013

Baltimore Design School is the first middle and high school of its kind in the country with a focus on fashion design, architecture and graphic design. Transformed from a long-vacant building once used as a backdrop in The Wire, the former factory is now a modern state-of-the-art facility for education. Working closely with Ziger/Snead Architects, we helped to define the school’s graphic palette from the bold colors to its tilted identity. The large orange “Baltimore Design School” identity that wraps around the industrial windows makes the building an iconic destination in the bourgeoning neighborhood.

Identity / Print / Environments
Logo Design
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The arts are an ever-increasing part of the Baltimore economy… It is our collective responsibility to create opportunity for our young people by training them for the jobs of the future.”

Mayor, Baltimore City


BDS Brochures

When we came to Ashton, we were in serious need of updated marketing materials. We had not designed or printed any school material in over five years, and we we're finally at a place where we had a lot that we wanted and needed to share with the BDS community and our stakeholders. Jenny and Sam guided us and helped us to figure out the best style of marketing materials that would suit our needs and best accommodate our various audiences. We settled on creating two different brochures that tailored to our specific needs. Over the last year of having the brochures, we've made huge strides and have been able to spread the word about what our school offers. Our guidance team has used the books for student recruitment purposes, and prospective parents and students alike have shared how helpful the information in the brochure has been as they navigate the school choice process. In addition, we have hosted monthly tours at BDS, welcoming in folks from the Baltimore community, and they have also raved about how well designed and easy to navigate the brochures are. Our board members take extra brochures to share with their networks, and it has been really helpful for board members to have concise school information contained in one document. We can't thank Ashton enough for their expertise, guidance and patience throughout the entire process.


We've heard nothing but compliments from those who have seen the piece, commenting on the energy conveyed among the pages. Prospective students look through the pages repeatedly, dreaming of being a BDS student. I've been so pleased with the reaction I get when giving folks the brochure, proud to be able to show off the work and confident that it's a true reflection of our school.”

Director of Communications and Engagement



Erik Kvalsvik; Karl Connolly (1, 5)

Awards & Recognition

Maryland Historical Trust Preservation Award, 2015
AIA Baltimore Grand Design and Trostel Award and K-12 Design Award, 2014
Baltimore Heritage Historic Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse & Compatible Design, 2014
Preservation Maryland President’s Award, 2013
Urban Land Institute WaveMaker Award, 2013