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Beckert’s Park

Beckert’s Park

Foulger-Pratt, 2021

Beckert’s Park is a multifamily and retail development located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of southeast Washington, D.C. While the new 325-unit, five-story apartment community boasts modern amenities and contemporary design elements, the project takes inspiration from the site’s colorful history. George Beckert purchased the property in the 1850s and constructed a brewery along with a public park. Known as Beckert’s Garden the grounds featured a restaurant, saloon, bandstand, dance pavilion, amusement park, playground, and picnic area. 170 years later, entertainment, leisure, and socialization again take center stage on the site with this new apartment complex built around an expansive offering of communal spaces. Ashton developed signage and experiental graphics to complement the project’s classic, yet modern and dynamic interior.

Architectural Signage
Murals & Supergraphics
Wayfinding & ADA Signage


The “framed” wayfinding signage was inspired by the architectural moulding and casing details found throughout the project’s interior.


A texturally rich interior design called for the wayfinding signage to remain quiet and subtle. The bronze typography and framing was fabricated to match the finish of lighting fixtures and other interior hardware.


Large scale wall graphics announce one’s arrival at the pet spa and bike room. The bicycle graphics explore an array of historic two-wheeled designs.


Once a public garden, the project recalls the site’s history with botanical artwork and real plants populating the interior spaces. In the parking garage herbaceous patterns are rendered on the the concrete walls and glass elevator lobbies.



Vivian Marie Doering