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The Bryn Mawr School

The Bryn Mawr School


Situated on a beautifully wooded 26-acre campus at the northern edge of Baltimore City, The Bryn Mawr School is one of the oldest college-preparatory schools for girls in the country. The Bryn Mawr School believes that “girls armed with knowledge, self-confidence, and the joy of discovery have no limits on what they can become.” Our new wayfinding program echoes this mission by incorporating elements of the school’s identity to create a bold and vibrant branded experience across its entire campus. Strategically placed signs compliment the richly landscaped grounds while concise information provides navigational guidance for visitors. At the recently renovated Northern Parkway entrance, a masonry wall crowned with gold-leaf letters formally greets visitors to the campus and also announces the school's presence to passing motorists. The entry monument features a terra cotta school seal as well as areas for temporary graphics. The changeable sign panels provide a refined and efficient way to announce upcoming events and engage with the off-campus community.

Architectural Signage



It turned out great! It was an awesome team effort between Ashton and the architect all the way through construction. Ashton really stepped up in terms of helping out and providing good support. We appreciate that. It’s been good working with you guys, and that makes everything easier.”

Project Manager, The Bryn Mawr School



Erik Kvalsvik, Jaime Windon (1, 5, 12), Ron Solomon (2)

Awards & Recognition

Building Congress & Exchange Craftsmanship Awards, 2016