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Charles Street Campaign

Charles Street Campaign

Historic Charles Street Association, 2016

Charles Street, originally a Native American trail, is one of the oldest thoroughfares in America (dating back to 1729). Today, Charles Street is one of the main arteries through Baltimore City and the Towson area, with a diverse range of businesses, residences and cultural institutions. The logo campaign, “Charles Street, Baltimore’s Original Main Street,” aims to create an identity for and highlight Charles Street as the historic corridor of Baltimore. The mark stays away from calling out one distinct area of Charles Street, and instead plays on the shape of Baltimore City and emphasizes Charles Street’s position as the spine connecting the east and west sides of the city.

Logo Design
Identity Development

“Make It Yours” Campaign
The “Make It Yours” campaign, in conjunction with the Charles Street logo, intends to promote new development and interest in this area of the city by encouraging people to take an individual interest. The long-term intention is to inspire communities, business owners, and visitors to help make Charles Street Baltimore’s main destination with increased economic activity.