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Charles Street Campaign

Charles Street Campaign

Historic Charles Street Association, 2016

One of only four National Scenic Byways in an urban setting, Baltimore’s Charles Street connects the Inner Harbor in the south to Towson, 12 miles to the north. Dating back to 1729, this thoroughfare presents a diverse range of businesses, residences and cultural institutions and plays a significant role in Baltimore's economic vitality. The logomark reflects the physical location of Charles Street within the city as the spine or backbone to the city's East and West sides.

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The “Make It Yours” Campaign is a Call-to-action to encourage Baltimoreans to help promote new development and interest in the area. The long-term intention is to inspire communities, business owners and visitors to make Charles Street a popular destination and increase economic activity. To get the word out, the campaign uses pedestrian and vehicle touchpoint moments: digital billboard advertisements, street banners and decals.

Following the campaign's success, Charles Street Development—the nonprofit that facilitated the initiative—adopted the logo as its new identity to help keep the campaign alive and continue the organization's mission of "promoting the historic corridor as the place to shop, work, dine, live and visit in a safe, hospitable, pleasing and culturally rich environment.” With the organization's goals in mind, we designed a call-to-membership brochure as a vehicle for the nonprofit to reach community and business members and ensure “Baltimore’s Original Main Street” thrives.


“Friends of Chuck” Campaign

Building upon the recognizable new logo, the sister organization—Historic Charles Street Association, whose goal is to support and promote the businesses, cultural attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants and retail establishments—unified their materials with the new branding as well. 

We helped develop a sub-campaign that takes on a personified approach when "Chuck" enters the picture. The "Friends of Chuck" identifiers in store windows and e-newsletters help communicate this sense of belonging. A nickname for Charles, the more familiar address helps people feel connected to the destination in a personalized manner, as though a dear friend has invited them to explore the range of services. This social-media-first campaign promotes being in the know. Are you a friend of Chuck's? If so, participating members will give you a promotional item or discount.