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Tiger Fortune Teller

Clemson University
Tiger Fortune Teller

Clemson University, 2021

During the COVID pandemic, Clemson University was struggling with how to best engage with newly admitted students. In the past, students would be invited to campus for an in-person tour, which is when many incoming freshmen decide Clemson is the right place for them. Due to lockdowns, however, in-person visits were nixed, and the admissions team needed a new way to share Clemson’s culture with prospects using only digital tools.

Under tight time constraints, the Ashton team retooled our own 2020 holiday card, customizing it completely to fit Clemson’s brand, tone and goals. The Tiger Fortune Teller app built upon the resurgent popularity of horoscopes to give incoming freshmen a “glimpse” into their future at the university.

Clemson Fortune Teller

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Ashton innovated within Clemson’s brand guidelines and ADA requirements to create a playful identity that would resonate with admitted students. Clemson’s signature orange stood out on each page and became the focal point for each call to action.

The short, five-question quiz was crafted to help students feel in control of their own destinies, especially during a time when all expectations had been upended. It also gave students an opportunity to see if Clemson’s style and approach complemented their own, a process that usually would have taken place during the on-campus tour.


Questions were structured to showcase the breadth and singularity of Clemson’s on-campus offerings. For example, before taking the quiz, students might not have known that the school offered a scuba diving class (we certainly didn’t!).


As they made decisions about how they’d like their freshman year to go, they were rewarded with feel-good gifs that reinforced their choices and egged them to continue on.

Once they had answered each question, the app guided students to their fortune, which, thanks to multiple response options for each answer, meant nearly every student was guaranteed a unique reading. At the end, students were encouraged to build a different fortune or share their current card with friends.


The quiz was delivered via sponsored social links and an email blast; Clemson recorded high engagement from students via both avenues. Many users also took the test multiple times, with time spent on site averaging about five minutes per visit.


Awards & Recognition
The University & College Designers Association Excellence Award, 2021
Education Digital Marketing Awards Bronze Winner (Microsite), 2021
Education Digital Marketing Awards Silver Winner (Interactive Media), 2021