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ELSCO (Elevator Safety Company), Inc., 2022

ELSCO has been a trusted leader on elevator ride quality for over 70 years. Their signature parts keep elevators running seamlessly, including in six of the world’s 20 tallest buildings. As the company looked to extend its footprint in Europe and Asia, it sought a brand refresh to match its growing presence.
Ashton collaborated with the ELSCO team to strategically position its brand, then built a robust identity to ensure its success. The resulting kit of parts enhances the company’s iconic logo, sharpens the brand’s voice, and creates a dynamic system that sets ELSCO apart from its competitors as it enters new markets.

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ELSCO’s reliability is reflected in its logo, which has stood the test of time; therefore, it was important to study its evolution before making changes to its form. To give it a modern update, the logo was redrawn on an isometric grid, giving it a cohesive shape that works as well digitally as it does stamped on elevator parts. Rounded corners were also added to the letterforms as a nod to ELSCO’s signature roller guides.


The brand voice was similarly refined to better convey ELSCO’s industry expertise. The new verbiage allows for employees to speak with authority on ELSCO’s behalf and ensures key features can be easily understood by anyone who uses their products. The new campaign tag, “Go Unnoticed,” also demonstrates ELSCO’s confidence in the goods and services they deliver.


A new, robust identity system ensures brand recognition across established and emerging markets. a fresh color palette, strong typography, a custom grid system, product illustration guidelines, and a unique take on photography—all of which help set ELSCO apart from its competitors. 


Brand collateral and promotional materials showcase the refreshed voice and identity. 


The product catalog serves as the brand’s primary tool in educating its users about all its products. It was strategically reformatted and designed for increased clarity and easier navigation.