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Estate at the Yards

Estate at the Yards

STUDIOS Architecture, 2020

This eleven-story residential building was meant to feel at one with the adjacent Yards Park, so careful detail was paid to designing a space that dissolved the boundaries between the inside and outside environment. When it came time to create the Estate’s signature signage, the Ashton team took this concept one step further, creating an elaborate, peek-a-boo metal entryway that is impactful, transitional and memorable for every visitor. The team then extended the materials and color palette from the front door through the rest of the building to create a cohesive, easily navigated experience throughout the site.

Architectural Signage
Wayfinding & ADA Signage


The asymmetric, geometric metal design was inspired by the idea of garden gates, which allow fluid sightlines between spaces but still demarcate one area from another. The gated quality also adds an air of sophistication and exclusivity to the project.

Estate_Icon Design_1920x1200Estate_Icon Design_1920x1200

Clear communication is key in a space where the line is meant to be blurred between indoors and out. The wayfinding signage carries the rose gold and gunmetal color palette through the building and leads the way to the many amenities featured on site.


The Estate features a wealth of high-end amenities, including waterfront views, a rooftop pool, cascading terraces, an on-site spa and an indoor-outdoor garden lounge. The signage package adds to this sense of laid-back luxury.


NAIOP DC|MA: Award of Excellence, Best Multi-Family Project, 2021  


Vivian Marie Doering