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“The Engine Wall”

Harley-Davidson Museum
“The Engine Wall”

Harley-Davidson Museum, 2018

This permanent exhibit educates visitors about the lineage and inner workings of more than two dozen historically significant Harley-Davidson engines. Museum research reports indicated that the original 2008 exhibit didn’t properly convey key information to visitors. We worked with the museum’s curatorial team and media experience firm Belle & Wissell to reimagine the visitor experience, reorganize the content and artifacts, and revamp the media with new audio-visual hardware.

The design team carefully evaluated all engines with museum conservators to determine appropriate mounting points and display angles for the more than 2,000 pounds of artifacts arranged on the angled wall. The display’s reading rail was redesigned to incorporate larger user-controlled touch stations and innovative audio components. Interpretive graphics and illustrations on the railing supplement information presented on the touch screens.

Exhibition Design
Interpretive Graphics



Custom illustrations were designed to show the inner workings of a Harley-Davidson and explain the many unique nicknames that the engines have received over the years.


Touch screens allow users to see detailed engine specifications, learn about their history, and hear high-fidelity recordings of each engine.



Ron Solomon
Brad Cheney, courtesy Harley-Davidson Museum