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“Racing Machines”

Harley-Davidson Museum
“Racing Machines”

Harley-Davidson Museum, 2016

One of several racing-themed exhibits that we designed for the museum in 2016, “Racing Machines,” highlights some of Harley-Davidson’s legendary racing bikes from the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Since the company’s inception, racing has been a proud part of the Motor Company’s story, but the 1950s marked the start of an unparalleled period of victory and engineering achievements.

Modern display plinths treat the motorcycles as sculptures allowing visitors to fully appreciate the beauty of each machine. Select objects and photographs tell the stories of talented designers, devoted mechanics, and skilled riders. Black and white interpretive graphics and bold, orange halftone backdrops reflect the racing colors of the Harley-Davidson factory team.

Exhibition Design
Interpretive Graphics



We utilized a “modern gas pipe” font for the exhibit, a departure from the museum’s house style. The typography compliments these modern machines and is reminiscent of the robust and industrial typography seen in many of the racing posters of the time period.



Ron Solomon

Brad Cheney, courtesy Harley-Davidson Museum