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Honest Clean Conscious Diapers

Honest Clean Conscious Diapers

ATTN:, 2020

Founded by Jessica Alba in 2011, The Honest Co. is a trusted name in the natural baby and beauty products industry. Ashton partnered with the creative agency ATTN: to strategically design and produce a 360 digital ad campaign to launch The Honest Co.’s new baby care product—Clean Conscious Diapers. OTT video spots, animated ads, and organic social posts highlight core product features and functionality that make clean conscious diapers safe for your baby and the planet.

Identity / Digital / Advertising / Campaigns
Logo Design
Identity Development
Campaign Development
Digital Design & Production
Art Direction
Product Retouching

The campaign strategy stems from the idea that when a person becomes a parent, their perception of the world changes. They are suddenly conscious of so many new things—“Is this safe for my baby’s skin?” or “Did you just pee?” 


The Clean Conscious identity echos the perfectly imperfect aspects of parenting with rounded typography, hand-drawn illustrations, and a warm, nature-inspired color palette.

This campaign documents the lives of five families with babies and toddlers of varying ages. Parents used iPhones to capture unscripted moments in their lives to give a relatable glimpse into the highs and lows of modern-day parenthood.


We implemented a three-tiered communication strategy that focused on brand awareness, product features, and critical brand differentiators to ensure success throughout the campaign. 

30-second spots introduce the new product to consumers across OTT and paid social.

15-second spots and display ads highlight product features targeted to every age, stage, and moment. 


Organic social posts illustrate how clean conscious diapers are designed with sustainability in mind.

Retargeted display ads highlight vital brand differentiators, like Honest’s signature patterns, to drive conversions. A/B testing ensured the efficacy of the campaign.


All funnels of the campaign directed consumers to the Honest website.