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KBE Corporate HQ

KBE Corporate HQ

KBE Building Corporation, 2019

Founded in 1959 by philanthropist, developer, and Holocaust survivor Simon Konover, KBE Building Corporation has grown into one of the top construction companies in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Western US. To capture the company’s rich history, Ashton created interpretive signage that meanders through sixty years of projects, people, and good old fashioned stories.


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Exhibition Design


A rich display of images and accompanying didactic panels transforms KBE’s timeline into a narrative experience, driven less by dates and more by “moments”.


The wall-stud-inspired layout keeps things organized and pays homage to the industry’s craft. Materials like Maple, Baltic Birch, and galvanized steel lend the display a tactile and hand-built quality.

KBE Where We Work mapKBE Where We Work map

The space also features a custom-cut dimensional U.S. map with addable pieces to mark company expansion, and wooden number sliders to track growth throughout the year.