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Lexington Market Website

A digital match for a legendary market

The Lexington Market experience is difficult to sum up in words and images; therefore, capturing it digitally presented a particularly unique challenge. Ashton custom-designed a website to reflect the many faces and facets of the market while conveying the same upbeat energy enjoyed on site.


The website had to serve many roles, acting concurrently as a merchant catalog, events bulletin, visitor information center, and educational history timeline. We structured it so that the content could be clearly found and easily digested, but still reflected the hustle and bustle of the market.


The merchants are the soul of the market. The website was designed to highlight their importance, feature their diversity, and tease the range of experiences they offer.


A comprehensive filter and label system helps visitors sort through 40+ merchants, while the global search functionality guides users to exactly what they’re looking for. Their iconography mirrors the visual system used in the market, creating a seamless experience between digital and in-person. 

With over a century of history contributing to its legendary status, Lexington had a compelling story to tell. We organized it in a clean, concise timeline complete with key graphics and historical references. Now, it serves as a source of pride for local community members and as an educational tool for visitors.


In addition to being informative, the website is an ideal showcase for Lexington Market’s new brand, a dynamic kit of parts also informed by the market’s legacy and diversity.


The mobile experience offers quick and easy access without compromising the site’s design or functionality.

Custom-made maps make it easy for visitors to navigate their way to and through the market. They were created with accessibility in mind and to encourage people from all walks of life to visit.


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