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Madewell: Do Well Report

Madewell: Do Well Report

ATTN: + Madewell, 2021-2022

Known for advocating creativity, inclusivity, and self-expression, clothing retailer Madewell celebrates people of all shapes and sizes. Ashton partnered with creative agency ATTN: to concept and design Madewell’s 2020 and 2021 Do Well Reports. Each year, the annual report examines the company’s commitment to doing better for our planet and its people

View the reports here: 2020 and 2021.

Annual Report
Social Media
Motion Graphics

As a leader in integrating sustainability into every aspect of its operations, Madewell wanted a paperless Do Well Report it could share digitally. We reimagined the report horizontally, with an underlying grid system to support an editorial approach. The left-side navigation bar allows the users to jump between sections quickly.


Engaging collages of imagery guide the viewer through the piece and provide context for Madewell’s sustainable partnerships and practices around the globe.


Custom illustrations and infographics transform Madewell’s ambitious goals and statistics into visual stories perfect for a quick skim or a deep dive. Organic, continuous line drawings and friendly typography draw playful attention to the company’s critical achievements.


To promote and build momentum for the report, we created Madewell’s “Greatest Hits,” a series of animated social media assets highlighting the report’s top takeaways. Mentioned among the best was the Ashton-designed Circular Store, a 2021 resale pop-up shop that earned media and customer acclaim.