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Marks Thomas Architects, 2017

Although Marks Thomas Architects’ original logo was great (ahem, we created it back in 1992), the firm needed a refreshed look to accompany their new location. Like many of our logos withstanding the test of time with their elegant simplicity, the digital age made slight changes necessary for the logo’s new web applications as well as environmental graphics on their new building.

The opportunity to modernize the mark with subtle, yet impactful, changes meant implementing new typography and minor adjustments to sharpen the iconic logo without losing its recognizability. The importance was not to makeover the firm’s brand, but to revitalize an already strong and identifiable mark. We developed a suite of marketing collateral using the updated logo that employs letterpress printing, die-cut and foil-stamped elements to create a tactile and innovative design.


Identity / Print / Environment
Logo Design
Identity Development
Marketing Collateral
Architectural Signage


Ashton designed our logo years ago, and as we decided to change our name we needed to update our brand with it. The result was amazing, and we are so impressed by the work of the talented people at Ashton.”

Director of Business Strategy


Our new stationery suite is the most creative we have ever seen. We’ve always received compliments on our cards, but the new “family” has taken it to a whole new level.”

Director of Business Strategy



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