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Metro Heights

Metro Heights at Mondawmin

Enterprise Community Development, 2020

The Metro Heights building is a landmark in West Baltimore’s Mondawmin neighborhood. It replaces 12 vacant and derelict structures with 70 affordable, high-quality apartments. Served by eleven bus lines and the metro, the building sits at the intersection of several different communities and gives residents easy access to regional jobs and amenities.

We worked with the development team to create an iconic roof-line sign, pedestrian level signage, and a striking sculpture at the entrance of the building. The stainless steel sculpture features two opposing vertical structures with the names of the surrounding neighborhoods laser cut into the metal, creating unique reflections of overlapping letterforms. While the building is a gateway to the area, the sculpture serves as an artistic neighborhood directory.

Architectural Signage
Sculptural Feature


The 11ft tall sculptural sign is constructed of two bent stainless panels: one matte-galvanized and the other rendered in a polished mirror finish.



Vivian Marie Doering