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NOTOS Southern Bites

District Builders Group, 2022

Inspired by the age-old adage “great food knows no borders,” the Ahmad brothers wanted to create a restaurant that was a celebration of multiple culinary worlds, but they struggled to package it in a way that would provide an impactful punch.

Working from only an early menu, Ashton collaborated with the two brothers to define the concept and rename the entity. From there, we built a vibrant, versatile brand system that introduced it with a bang and, in the future, can translate to multiple locations across the country.

Identity / Environments / Communications
Logo & Marks
Identity Development
Brand System
Branded Environment
Murals & Supergraphics
Menu Design


Once upon a time, NOTOS was known as Square Grill, an eatery with a diverse menu but no strong identity. Ashton worked with the Ahmad brothers to view their menu through a southern lens that spanned hemispheres by highlighting both southern U.S. and southern Mediterranean comfort food. The shift strengthened the concept and provided an opportunity to rename the restaurant notos, Greek for “south wind.”


The brand’s visual style is purposely minimal, so it can act as a bridge between the two vastly different locations. The color palette draws inspiration from spices that tie the two cuisines together, as well as the architectural and natural landscapes tied to each area.


Supergraphics inside the restaurant use color to activate an otherwise simple space. Playful directional arrows guide guests through the process of placing their order.

Notos_Logo Mockup-10Notos_Logo Mockup-10

To help visitors easily understand NOTOS’ unique menu, cuisines are organized by color. As guests approach the counter, a central plaque splits the offerings in half. On the left, items in “fennel” denote southern U.S. dishes, while on the right, items in “tarragon” signify southern Mediterranean offerings.


In addition to the physical space, Ashton created a parallel website that allows visitors to seamlessly order their favorite dishes and empowers the NOTOS team to make menu changes on the fly. The heart and soul behind NOTOS, the Ahmad brothers, are also featured on the site.