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Smokecraft Modern Barbecue, 2020

Smokecraft is an award-winning team that strives to push the boundaries of what modern barbecue can be. With tradition and innovation as their backbone, they have continuously tested and perfected their barbecue techniques on the competition circuit. 

When Smokecraft set their eyes on opening a restaurant, they collaborated with Ashton Design to develop their identity and brand story reflecting passion for their craft. Taking inspiration from Smokecraft's mix of traditional and innovative techniques, we looked at the visual lexicon of barbecue while adding modern cues to the brand system. We designed a flexible and distinguishable mark that Smokecraft now uses on the road at competitions and at their Arlington restaurant.

Identity /  Print / Environments
Logo Design
Identity Development
Messaging and Copywriting
Marketing Collaterals
Architectural Signage


To showcase the brand’s dedication to the art of smoke, we designed a monogram on a textured icon paired with a modern typeface. 

Texture in the mark speaks to the brand’s knowledge that excellence comes from getting your hands dirty and respecting the process of your craft. The bold red, black, and white color scheme is emblematic of the colors you see in a barbecue pit.


We translated Smokecraft’s vision into core messages that exude pride for their art of smoke.


To make a bold statement in both in their competitions and at their restaurant, we approached Smokecraft’s signature sauce packaging in distinct ways. 


Smokecraft’s dedication to craft is also evident in the menu concept. We designed a two-piece tiered menu that introduces Smokecraft’s process and walks diners through the brand’s highlights and signature dishes.


For environmental graphics and signage, we crafted a refined and restrained approach, applying brand moments in strategic areas of the restaurant.


Smokecraft’s high-contrast identity is on full display at competitions through its custom all-black truck.