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The Center for Architecture & Design

The Center for Architecture & Design

AIA Baltimore, 2020

The Center for Architecture & Design is a communal space that functions as a nexus of education and outreach for design and architecture in Baltimore. 

Echoing a similar vision and purpose as its sister organizations — the Baltimore chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation (BAF) — The Center’s brand is hinged upon a simple notion: that all participants, partners, and donors of the space can be part of something larger within its walls and beyond. Whether individuals seek education, community, dialogues, or inspiration within the sphere of design and architecture, it can be found at The Center. 

Identity / Print / Web / Environments
Logo Design
Environmental Graphics
Print Design
Digital Design
Site Architecture
UI / UX Design
Web Development


Located within One Charles Center, the visual identity is informed by its own architectural structure. It mimics the geometric pattern of the building’s exterior window grid — a visual motif consistently enforced across all brand applications.


The window graphics reinforce the central location of this new design hub which provides administrative and program space for seven different organizations.


“Be part of” highlights the many roles The Center takes on as a dynamic hub for engaging professionals, students, and the public in the important role of architectural practice and design.


The flexible branding reflects the modular design of the space, which can be arranged and rearranged depending on programming needs. 


Informed by the sophistication of modernist ideals, the color palette and visual style pay homage to the past of design and architecture, while simultaneously looking towards the future with a vibrant and energetic voice.


A microsite was designed and built for one of The Center’s forthcoming campaigns, The Center Fund. It not only captures the essence of the main site’s aesthetic integrity, but has been laid out intentionally as a template to be replicated for future campaigns or events.


Nate Smith Photography

Awards & Recognition

Urban Land Institute WaveMaker Award, 2021