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The Climate Pledge

The Climate Pledge

ATTN: and The Climate Pledge, 2021–2022

The Climate Pledge (TCP), an initiative spearheaded by Amazon and Global Optimism, calls on global businesses to take collective action on Climate Change to build a safe and healthy planet for future generations. Climate Pledge signatories agree to regularly measure and report greenhouse gas emissions, implement decarbonization strategies, and neutralize any remaining emissions with real, permanent, and socially-beneficial offsets to achieve net-zero carbon emissions 2040 (10 years before The Paris Agreement).

Ashton partnered with the creative agency ATTN: to create a strategic organic social campaign for The Climate Pledge’s Instagram channel to build brand awareness and trust among consumers. Our campaign features in-feed posts, carousels, and animated stories to inform people about The Climate Pledge’s initiative, inspire consumers that it’s not too late to make a significant impact, and connect communities of sustainability allies online.

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The Climate Pledge is defiantly optimistic, backed by a belief that the climate crisis is not beyond our collective ability to address. A bold voice and authentic, imaginative, and graphic visuals drive the approach. The Triple Equal Sign represents the three pillars of The Climate Pledge: Humanity, Nature, Technology.


The Climate Pledge calls upon global businesses to reach neutral carbon emissions 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement because we can’t afford to wait that long. Inspired by Charles & Ray Eames’ 1968 film, Powers of Ten, the campaign explores the Power of 10 Years. Social posts use a macro and micro lens to show how signatory changes today affect our future because their actions add up. 

Animated stories and in-feed posts show how Climate Pledge signatories are driving change at scale to fight the climate crisis and how small conscious choices (like supporting signatory businesses) can impact our planet for the better.


The Asking for a Friend series and the Terms You Need to Know series simplify complex sustainability terms/info in an approachable way and establish The Climate Pledge as a thought leader in the field. 


The Signatory Spotlight series highlights Climate Pledge corporations committed to reaching net-zero carbon by 2040 or earlier and the game-changing ways they’re doing it. 

We leaned on social trends to encourage reposting and connect communities of sustainability allies online.