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The St. Paul’s Schools

The St. Pauls Schools


In 2018 the three independent schools of St. Paul’s (St. Paul’s School for Girls, St. Paul’s School for Boys and the Pre & Lower School) were united under one entity—The St. Paul’s Schools; students benefit from shared ideas and resources across campus. This new identity balances history and tradition with a desire to innovate in the competitive landscape. 

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The new unified identity system was conceived by conducting extensive research into the collective histories and iconography of each school.


Nomenclature is ingrained in a culture, and though the nuances look minimal, changes to the school’s names can feel significant. This realignment was crucial in unifying the three schools—supporting an inclusive campus environment. 

To increase retention through 12th grade, the Pre and Lower identity strategically embraces the new shield icon to foster a sense of school pride from a young age. The existing Girls and Boys school marks were then refined to unify the visual system.


Consistent usage of an identity is imperative to its success. The brand guideline provides essential insight and directives for faculty and staff. 


One of the best measures of success in a rebrand is community buy-in. Ashton advised St. Paul’s in conducting focus groups for the staff, faculty, alumni, and students to gain insights into the logo’s long-term efficacy and foster a sense of ownership. 


Roll-out strategy is critical. Ashton advised St. Paul’s on a phased plan to introduce the new identity to the community at large. The roll-out took place over winter break 2019-2020 with an animated video and holiday card with custom enamel ornament. Students were welcomed to campus with updated signage and branded environmental graphics.