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The Woodberry

The Woodberry

Klein Enterprises, 2020

Tucked away at the top of the city with prized views of the scenic Jones Falls watershed below, The Woodberry is a 284-unit luxury apartment building with impressive, high-quality amenities set in a designerly atmosphere.

Ashton was asked to create a visual identity for The Woodberry that would reflect the serene, stylish environment future residents would experience. So we designed a look that was equal parts elegant, confident and playful.  

Identity / Print / Web / Environments
Brand Strategy
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Logo Design
Identity Development
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Architectural Signage
Wayfinding & ADA Signage

Urban alcove meets stylish atmosphere—We were inspired by the acres of greenery surrounding The Woodberry and its carefully curated interiors.


The wordmark sets the tone of a well-established brand. When juxtaposed with contemporary typography and design elements, the sum is a timely-yet-timeless visual result.


The Woodberry’s tone, like its residents, is smart and clever. Editorial photography and fashion-inspired commentary add to a memorable brand experience.


Upon signing up, new residents receive a thoughtfully curated welcome kit filled with local goods. Among the bundle of Baltimore favorites is a magazine detailing the best trails, restaurants, amenities and more waiting to be discovered once the reader settles into their new home.


The dipped-color effect can be found throughout the brand, visually reinforcing that The Woodberry is where style and nature meet. We play with this concept with a variety of textures, patterns and materials to continually surprise the viewer.


Even the most traditional signage was looked at from a fresh perspective. By running the logo from bottom to top and subtly reinforcing the half-dipped look, The Woodberry’s unique approach to life is on display from the start.


Contrasting patterns and sizing continue the sense of playfulness across the property while still keeping things stylish.

The Woodberry is now open, and its namesake sign can be spotted by travelers winding their way into downtown.


Vivian Marie Doering

TPOZ Photography

Awards & Recognition
BBJ Best in Real Estate, 2021

Baltimore Business Journal
The Baltimore Sun