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Thompson Creek Window Company

Thompson Creek Window Company, 2020

Founded in 1980, the Thompson Creek Window Company has grown into the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier home improvement replacement company. Ashton created a series of interpretive walls to celebrate Thompson Creek’s history, culture, and accomplishments over the last 40 years.

Branded Environments
Exhibition Design

Located in Thompson Creek’s headquarters and factory office in Lanham, MD, the primary history walls utilize the Company’s bold color palette to create a dynamic display within the space.


The chronological content highlights each decade in Thompson Creek’s history, while thematic milestones guide the viewer down the wall.


Sixty-seven unique acrylic interpretive panels highlight historical photography and key moments in Thompson Creek’s history. The panels are displayed on a custom extruded aluminum shelf that blends into the wall to allow the content to come forward. A bold palette, overlapping panels, and printing on the first and second surfaces create depth.


To tell the story at Thompson Creek’s high-traffic factory location, we reinterpreted the dimensional wall into graphic wallpaper.



Vivian Marie Doering