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Tiny Easel

Tiny Easel

Tiny Easel, 2020

Tiny Easel’s thoughtfully curated watercolor activity kits inspire kids of all ages to explore different approaches to art— giving them the confidence to express themselves independently. Conceived by Jennifer Nolley, a seasoned mom of three, each kit is packed with high-quality art supplies and a step-by-step guide to keep kids engaged and encourage them to create with their parents or on their own. 

Ashton worked with Tiny Easel to bring the brand to life through an e-commerce website, product packaging, and collateral. 

Identity / Print / Web
Identity Development 
Website Design & Development 
Social Media 
Product Retouching 

Component 3 – 1@2xComponent 3 – 1@2x

The Tiny Easel e-commerce website features a variety of kits and products designed for a range of skill sets, whether your kid is a novice or a pro. Custom product illustrations on the homepage give consumers an idea of what to expect in each box, while watercolor paintings throughout the site showcase examples of what you can create.

Product packaging features watercolor paintings by Jennifer to showcase a range of painting techniques. The packaging design balances painting, playful typography, and white space to create an elevated yet kid-friendly aesthetic.

Component 1 – 1@2xComponent 1 – 1@2x

We created product tool kit illustrations to show consumers the wide variety of products available in each kit.

Component 2 – 1@2xComponent 2 – 1@2x
Group 308@2xGroup 308@2x

We also provided additional support on social media for the website’s rollout. During the product’s initial launch, Tiny Easel received local/regional print and television coverage.

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