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USM 2018
Annual Report

University System of Maryland’s
2018 Annual Report

University System of Maryland, 2018

Maryland’s public university system produces nearly 75% of the state’s bachelor’s degrees with more than 176,000 students and 42,000 graduates each year. To highlight University System of Maryland’s achievements for 2018, Ashton Design developed a multi-platform campaign that put social at the forefront. The strategic move was supported by an online platform and a custom-sized print piece to target the different key audiences for the campaign.

Web / Print / Campaigns
Social Media Strategy
Campaign Concept
Messaging & Visual Design
Printed & Digital Annual Report
Web and Social Assets
Information Graphics


Infographics and data are paired with silhouetted images of real students that add a human touch to the numbers.


The goal of creating highly accessible and visible annual report data was achieved by designing a social-first campaign that shows the institution’s impact on Maryland.


All social media posts lead to the University System of Maryland’s 2018 progress report webpage featuring the complete set of infographics that showcases the institution’s achievements for the year.


Beyond social and web, a custom print piece was designed to provide a more in-depth look at the statistics. The pocket-sized annual report allowed for easy transport and dissemination to key stakeholders.


The multi-platform campaign has been rolled out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, making students, school officials, and the public aware of University System of Maryland’s successes for the year.