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CANADev, 2020

Located in the heart of Allentown, Pennsylvania’s business district, Will&Co. is a food hall concept, a space where people can gather over good food, local crafts, and a shared culture. 

Ashton’s approach in developing its brand Is rooted on the history of its location. As it used to be the center of commerce and cultural experiences, we found it fitting to  draw inspiration from the people of Allentown: people who established the city including its founder William Allen, and people who are building its community today—proposing the name Will&Co.

Identity /  Web & Social / Environments
Logo Design
Identity Development
Naming & Story Development
Web & Mobile Site Design
Responsive & Mobile Development
Architectural Signage


Will&Co. was envisioned to be a visual blend of old and new. We gathered imagery and typography popular in the 1800s during the craft and artisan movement.


The wordmark uses an old-style serif typeface set in lowercase to make it feel approachable and modern despite the elegance of the type.


The identity’s focal point is the ampersand, the visual and symbolic link between people of the past and the present. It is predominantly used in the messaging strategy, expanding on the Co.'s meaning in an engaging way.


We established an online presence that is warm and inviting, as seen in Will&Co.'s website and social media platforms.


We designed a subtle and sophisticated way to incorporate the brand story in the space. The main wall features tiny dimensional letters, aimed to give diners a delightful moment of discovery.