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Woolf Eye Lab

Woolf Eye Lab

Woolf LLC, 2020

Woolf & Woolf Optometrists has 80 years of experience treating patients in the greater Baltimore / Annapolis area. They offer cutting edge technology and high-end services to their clientele, so it was time to reskin their brand and architecture to match.

To fully articulate the vision of Woolf & Woolf, we conducted a thorough brand audit and recalibration. Our findings brought to the fore the company's biggest strengths and points for improvement. The resulting brand system we developed is rooted in the intersection of the science of eye care and the art of eye wear. To bring this to focus, we proposed the name Woolf Eye Lab.

Identity /  Print / Environments
Logo Design
Identity Development
Naming & Story Development
Messaging and Copywriting
Brand Strategy
Marketing Collateral
Information Graphics
Exhibition Design
Architectural Signage
ADA and Code Signs


Analyzing the existing setup, we observed that the brand needed to exhibit the skill, care, and high-end offerings of Woolf & Woolf's practice.


The brand should radiate the core ethos of why they do what they do. For this to happen, we recalibrated how the brand is perceived and experienced at all levels of engagement. Keeping in mind that we cannot alienate the existing customer base when reaching out to new ones, and vice versa. A balanced (yet distinct) experience is key in the recalibration of the brand.



From Woolf and Woolf, we renamed it to Woolf Eye Lab. Retaining the Woolf in the name targets the loyal client base, while including Eye Lab brings the brand's expertise to the forefront.

For the main mark, we gave it an understatement and minimal appeal. High end services are cool and confident. 


Developing the brand's fresh aesthetics, we chose to embrace the oddity. We made gestures to artfully show off the medical/retail relationship in the clinic and store. We also took inspiration from the eye chart, making typography a focal point in the identity system.


Optical clutter is out, clean, simple & curated is in. For promotional materials, we used a predominantly black and white color scheme. 


At key moments where there is a need to break the monotony of the high-contrast color scheme, we have injected moments of color in other collaterals.


Elevating the Woolf Eye Lab experience.

We designed the space and updated the uniforms to match the brand. Modularity, unique displays and quality material choices create an experience that increases customer interaction. Pre-designed display solutions that aren’t designed for the space can feel visually cluttered, outdated or mass produced, thus developing a custom display system for the brand. 

A modern wardrobe update can change the perception from a typical doctor’s office to a destination retail experience. Employees seem approachable, but are still easily identifiable. Wardrobe shifts reinforce trust within the medical and fashion sides of the experience.


Our approach for the space: Comfortable Scientific.

We chose neutral fixtures, with color pops through graphics and furniture, adding playfulness to the retail space to contrast more sterile labs and reception spaces